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Alternatives To Using JavaScript During The Web Development Process

Whilst designers and developers alike love JavaScript for the attractive and functional websites that it helps them create, it is important to keep in mind that some internet users will actually have it disabled on their computers. Some people will use unobtrusive JavaScript (which presents this interactivity only when the website registers that JavaScript has been enabled), but this is not always an option. To ensure that you are catering for all of your website visitors, it is important to look into other options of displaying information during the web development process.

  • The Accordion – This is a feature that usually consists of headings and content. When the heading is clicked, a block of content expands down below so that the visitor can read further. By clicking the heading once again, the block of content disappears. One of the most common types of website to find this web development feature is for schools or universities (it is used in their course guide).
  • The Carousel – This is a feature that usually consists of content scrolling around according to a timeout interval or through visitor interaction (such as clicking an arrow). It is possible to have all of the content visible in the carousel or just a teaser (so that, if visitors want more information, they can click through). This web development feature is commonly used in portfolio websites and product catalogues.
  • The Content Swapper – This feature is actually very similar to the carousel, as content is rotated using animation. The difference between the two, however, is that, in the content swapper, one piece of content fades out as another fades in (some people use a hard transition with no fading).
  • The Sorter – This is a feature that allows the visitor to drag and drop content into any order that they desire. This is probably one of the least used alternatives for JavaScript during the web development process, as it does not have many applications. It is commonly found in companies (where managers can reorganize and edit an employees daily tasks in real time) and websites that offer downloads or a voting system.

Even though designers and developers will continue to love JavaScript and all of the wonderful things that it lets them do, it is important for anyone working in these industries to keep in mind that some of their visitors will have JavaScript disabled. This is why it is important to have an alternative to JavaScript up your sleeve during the web development process, as this will ensure that you are able to provide your visitors with the most rewarding experience possible.

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