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Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Web Development Company

Failure to look beyond the price on a quotation can often lead to a web development project to turn into a disastrous mess. In the online world where anyone can hide behind some fancy graphics and claim to be a professional, it’s important to analyze the company you may be working with to be sure you won’t be sitting out in the cold three month down the line with a broken website.

Will I be tied to this company after completion?

The future of any business in a competitive market is uncertain. Make sure that you can move on to another web development company after the initial phase of your project is done. If the company is utilizing only their in-house code, you will find a very hard time finding someone to continue work on your project. However, if they based your application or website on a widely used system, such as Drupal or Joomla, finding another service provider should prove relatively easy.

Do they have any examples of web applications they have developed?

This should seem obvious, yet still my company has taken charge of rescuing failing projects due the work being ‘completed’ by a developer or team that lacked the necessary skills (it was a Drupal job, and they had not used Drupal before). Sure, they might have the skills regardless of their lacking portfolio, but you don’t want to be a lab rat.

Do they meet your expectation of quality?

Now that we know they have developed at least one or two things, ask yourself, would I be happy if my project turned out like this? This again, should seem excessively obvious, yet still I find web designer with a portfolio of 40+ websites that appear to have crawled out of the late 1990’s, yet somehow they are still being paid to design new websites. Please, don’t expect the prospective developer to improve just for your project.

Do they have any search engine optimization expertise?

Google grades websites not only on keywords and link, but also on aspects such as the loading time of a page. Make sure that the development team you are about to hire are well aware of the on-page aspects that search engines look out for.

Will they provide affordable maintenance?

All web applications will need ongoing maintenance, particularly security updates against new threats. Make sure that a well thought out maintenance plan is included in the quote. You may also want to request a monthly report to keep an eye on what they are doing.


By now you should have enough information to benchmark a few web development agencies against each other. Again, I will emphasize, look beyond the price – you may even get a substantially better result at a lower cost!

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