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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing Web Development Work?

There is a lot of hype and debate surrounding ‘outsourcing’, especially when it comes to the information technology sector. Many companies in the developed countries of Australia and the United States are finding it highly beneficial to outsource some of their work, especially web development, to less developed countries, such as India. Other companies see this as cheating of sorts and are completely against it. No matter which side of the fence you’re on, there are pros and cons to both decisions:


There are a number of benefits granted to a company that decides to outsource its web development, including:

  • Saves Money: It is considerably cheaper to pay a development company in a country like India to complete your work than it is to pay a similar company in Australia or the United States. In this current economic climate, saving money whenever possible is of benefit.
  • Exceptional Skills: There can be no denying that many of the developing countries around the world are filled with people who have exceptional and highly professional IT skills.
  • Larger Audience: Many of the companies who employ Indian developers will view this as an opportunity to extend their business overseas. They might look into garnering jobs from India, which can considerably increase their client base.


Likewise, there are a number of disadvantages for any company that decides to outsource its web development, including:

  • Security Issues: As so many people need to be given access to the code of a website, there could be serious risks to the security of a site or even to the entire company behind it. Hackers may be able to find their way in much easier, where they can wreak havoc with your company.
  • Communication Problems: As most web development work is outsourced to India, communication problems may arise due to the fact that a large amount of the population still speak standard Hindi.
  • Time Difference: This can be a huge problem if changes need to be made to a website urgently. For companies based in Australia, for example, they will not be able to contact their Indian counterparts until around midday when their offices open up.

Unfortunately, the above advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing your web development work do not make what the best decision is any clearer. Whilst saving money is definitely a bonus for any company, do the disadvantages of lapses in security and severe time differences negate even this advantage? The only person who can really answer that question is you.

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